What started as a dispute over a boat ended with police charging a convicted felon with weapons possession and marijuana violations!

Kennewick police raided the home of 27-year-old Anthony J. Savino after he was seen allegedly threatening another man with a gun on Wednesday evening. He was in a dispute with 27-year-old Michael Troidlage of Richland over a boat at 8200 West Deschutes in Kennewick. Troidlage called 911 after Savino allegedly pulled out a gun, cocked the slide, and entered a garage on the property and closed the door.

As Savino drove away from the location, Troidlage was able to get a picture of him holding the gun. Savino is a convicted felon and is not allowed to have a gun. Kennewick police later raided Savino's home and found 5 pounds of prepackaged marijuana and a growing operation in the basement.

Authorities also recovered an assault rifle and a pistol at his home. Police did not say what his prior conviction was for.