A Detroit man found dead in his car outside of a university library had apparently just been inside, researching disease symptoms minutes before his demise.

The man, who's identity was not released, was found in his car outside the library at Grand Valley State University near Detroit.  He was believed to be in his early 30's, said authorities.   Police were searching internet records after witnesses remembered seeing the man in the school's computer library lab only minutes before his estimated time of death.

The man had been searching specific symptoms for a health problem, which authorities hope might help determine his cause of death.  What those symptoms were was not divulged by officials.

They plan to compare the man's search with autopsy results, which is expected to be conducted later this week.   Police speculate the man had been using the computers, then left and sat in his car because he was not feeling well.

Authorities believe he did die from natural causes.  He was apparently not in the car for a long period of time before being discovered.