Whether or not you will see those hovering,  humming eyes in the sky in the future might be determined by a committee that met for the first time Monday.

Gov. Jay Inslee posted a 15-month moratorium on drone use by government, law enforcement and other public groups until there's been time to examine a variety of issues with the controversial technology.   Insleee had vetoed House bill 2789 last year, which would have restricted the use of drones by police and state and local governments.

Inslee vetoed the bill because he felt it was too vague and didn't offer more specific limitations.  The bill had been sponsored by Rep. David Taylor, (R) of Moxee, and now he's the head of the "drone task force."  According to the Yakima Herald-Republic:

"Taylor has long been critical of the role Boeing has played behind the scenes in discussions of the bill. Following the bill’s defeat in 2013, several lawmakers noted the company feared the bill would inhibit its efforts to develop the drones in Washington state."

The committee-task force will meet again in August, October and November, with hopes of creating guidelines for use of the technology by law enforcement and governments.