While the US, and part of the world, focus on the American debt ceiling vote, and economic issues, the struggle to repair, rebuild and refoot continues in Japan, where now workers are finding a new deadly surprise inside the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The Plant, which essentially melted down after the massive earthquake and tsunami earlier this year, is largely stablized--except for what Japanese officials are now calling radiation pockets.  Tokyo Electric reported Tuesday that new pockets of deadly radiation exceeding 10 sieverts are being found in areas around the plant.  In layman's terms radiation of this level would cause incapacitation and death within seconds of exposure to a human...comparable to the effects of being within a couple of miles of a nuclear bomb explosion.  Remarkably, only three workers died in the event, two in the quake and one from a heart attack while working on recovery.  None were related to radiation.  2/3rds of the nations nuclear power plants are idle, awaiting safety checks.  This shutdown has caused massive power outages, affecting millions of Japanese citizens in a summer of sweltering heat.