The Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal and The Association of Washington Business have presented the best look so far at what Inslee's low carbon fuel ideas would do to our economy - AND your wallet!

Don Brunell, writing in the Journal, calls Inslee's plan The Ethanol Shuffle.  Gov. Inslee seems hell-bent on adopting controversial California low carbon fuel emission standards.  Newstalk 870 has reported previously about plans to force fuel providers in the Golden State to mix in even higher amounts of ethanol, and even alcohol into their fuel.

Long story short, these disastrous plans could jack Washington fuel prices to anywhere from $4.50 to $5:00 per gallon.

If you recall, Newstalk 870 reported some weeks ago about the energy pact signed by Gov. Inslee, and the governors of Oregon and California and the Premier of British Columbia, Canada.   Why should you care, asks Brunell?  From the Journal:

"Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed a pact with California, Oregon and British Columbia pledging to support cap-and-trade, carbon taxes and low-carbon fuel standards as part of his climate change agenda.

Why should you care? Because you will be paying the bill.

The governor’s own consultants estimate that his low-carbon fuel regulations will increase gasoline and diesel prices $.98 to $1.18 per gallon. Not surprisingly, that is complicating legislative efforts to increase our state’s 37 cents/gallon fuel tax by 11.5 cents to fund transportation improvements. If both measures pass, Washington drivers could be paying $4.50 to $5.00 a gallon."  (Bold lettering added for emphasis). 

Brunell goes on to say near the end of this must-read article:

"As we consider our own environmental policies, we should remember two things. First, Washington is not California. Our problems are not as severe, so any benefits that result won’t be worth the cost. We don’t need to import California’s draconian regulations or repeat their mistakes.

And second, while ideals are good, policies must be tempered by common sense and an understanding of their true cost. Is that too much to ask?"

Gov. Inslee seemed genuinely concerned about Boeing leaving Seattle and Everett, and did make a solid, fair attempt to keep them here with a reasonable tax incentives package.  But he seems clueless when it comes to the fact that if his misled climate change ideas are put into law, there won't be anyone available to work at Boeing or other companies, because nobody will be able to afford to drive to work!