So, with the recent news about Nestle recalling batches of Hot Pockets due to tainted meat,  I now wish we didn't dump them all in the same drawer in the fridge!

Folks here at Townsquare Media Tri-Cities will tell you I live on these things.   And yes, besides Ham and Cheese, Philly Steak & Cheese is my favorite.

That just happens to be the flavor being recalled by Hot Pockets after a limited amount of them were processed using what the USDA called "diseased and unsound" meat from animals at a packing plant in California.   9 million pounds of meat was recalled because the processing was done without USDA inspections.

Not ALL the meat was destined for Hot Pockets, but enough was used that numerous batches and thousands of boxes at least are being recalled.

So when we buy them we just refill the old boxes in the fridge because it's easier than ripping open the new box, shoving it in the fridge - ok, we're lazy.  And because variety is the spice of life, we don't always catagorize them.   Philly Steak & Cheese gets mixed in with Ham and Cheese.

Imagine my delight upon reading this story, then realizing I brought, you guessed it, a Hot Pocket for lunch.    Is this a ticking time bomb for my gut?    Upon further review, it turns out the package serial number is not one of the ones being recalled, so this Hot Pocket will do it's job later today, and not end up in the garbage.

But maybe we will pay a little more attention when we stock the fridge from now on.