You may not understand the history of "May Day" (May 1st) but you've probably seen or heard about the vicious riots that have occurred in Seattle over the years. (video courtesy of Laughing at Liberals YouTube page).

May Day protests stem from labor and worker's rights movements in the very late 19th and early 20th centuries.   Once an observance of the needs for reasonable conditions, hours and pay for workers,  it was hijacked in the late 20th century by progressive movements who've often turned it into an excuse to riot - for no reason.

For the last few years, May Day has been marked by violence and mayhem in Seattle, where thousands of people have committed significant damage and even injured others all in the name of "workers rights."

However,  most of the hooligans involved in the Seattle movements don't have a clue why they're protesting, they just do it as an excuse to misbehave.

Thanks to the website and YouTube page Laughing at Liberals, we share a video from 2013,  showing Seattle May Day celebrants tossing furniture, newpaper stands and garbage cans into the street, and tearing up a WalGreens store.  Will they do the same this year?  The funfest is set to begin around 6pm tonight with protests set to hit the Emerald City.