A congressional investigation into the botched 'Fast and Furious' drug gun tracking program has shown dozens more turning up at crime scenes in Mexico and even the US.

GOP Rep Daniel Issa and Senator Charles Grassley released a report Tuesday into the Fast and Furious DEA/ATF program that was supposed to track guns to drug cartels as well as locate who are the suppliers.  The report shows over 122 guns have been recovered at Mexican crime scenes, as well as over 200 that were recovered inside the US.  The program was designed to flood the illegal gun market with weapons, then track their trail through dealers to cartels.   It was supposed to allow the DEA/ATF (Drug Enforcement Agency-and department of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms) an easier path to follow and catch not only dealers, suppliers and distributors of weapons, but lead them to the dealers themselves.   However, for reasons that are still being investigated, most of the weapons were never followed up on.  Of the over 2000 guns pumped into the program, over half are not accounted for.  Without DEA/ATF agents following the guns, and extensive manpower to go after the dealers and drug cartels,  the program amounted to virtually "giving" hundreds of guns to criminals---for free.  Hearings are being held in the coming weeks, where officials are questioning ATF and US Embassy officials who said they were kept out of the loop about the operation, as well as DEA agents who were not given enough information about the program so they could pursue the gun distributors and drug dealers.