You may have seen it on various new reports:  the red pickup hanging precariously from an overpass in Beaverton, OR.On Saturday, fire crews used a hook-and-ladder truck to keep the vehicle from falling off the Southwest Denney Road Overpass -- and eventually rescued the driver. 34-year-old Matthew Hamilton of Beaverton had been seen drinking at a friend's house while watching the "Civil War" football game between Oregon and Oregon State.

He was miraculously not hurt in the mishap, but authorities say he was driving with a suspended license and a blood alcohol level of .50 -- well above the legal limit in Oregon!

Around 3:40 p.m. he crashed through the protective barrier and wound up hanging from the overpass for nearly an hour. Had his truck fallen, it would have landed on Highway 217 below the road. The highway was closed and traffic blocked off shortly after the accident was reported. Hamilton made a court appearance Monday on a variety of charges.

(Photo courtesy of KTNV ABC TV Las Vegas)