Monday June 16th will mark the 7th anniversary of the fatal crash involving an Marion County Deputy on Highway 99.

Oregon officials have re-issued a state-wide bulletin, and continue to search for a 27-year-old suspect who fled the state.

June 16th 2007,  Deputy Kelly Fredinberg was on patrol on Highway 99E   North of Gervais, OR late at night when his cruiser was struck head-on by a vehicle driven by Alfredo DeJesus Ascencio.   Deputy Fredinberg's car caught fire and he was pronounced dead at the scene.  A 19-year-old passenger in Ascencio's car,  Oscar Ascenio-Amaya, died the following day from injuries sustained in the wreck.

Ascencio, the driver, fled Oregon for Mexico after being treated for critical injuries at a Portland, OR hospital.    He was indicted in August 2007 on two counts of Criminally Negligent Homicide.   Since the fall of 2007,   officials have been able to narrow down an area of Mexico where Ascencio is believed to be located. Ascencio is pictured below

(Marion County OR, Sherriffs Department)

However,  extraditing criminals from Mexico is often difficult, depending upon the cooperation of local and regional officials in those areas.   A $21,000 reward is still available for information leading to Ascenio's arrest.

The information number for tips is 800-452-7888.     Fredinberg had joined the Marion County Sheriff's office less than a year before his death, after working for six years in Polk County.