A civil lawsuit filed in October, 2011, has been settled by the Pasco School District for $150,000.

According to reports, a seven-year-old child was sexually assaulted on two separate occasions on the playground of McGee Elementary in February, 2010.

According to the complaint, the assaults occurred Feb. 19 and 22. The assault took place on school grounds where supervisors were on duty. The suit originally claimed the assaults were seen by another student, but not seen or reported by school officials.

The assailants were other students, according to information from Tamaki Law Office, who represented the victim and her mother in the case. The law firm released the following statement from the victim's mother:

When I found out about what happened to my son at school, my first concern, aside from the safety of my son, was the safety of all children at school. In addition to seeking help for my son, I felt it was important to pursue our claims against the Pasco School District to bring awareness to what happened on the playground and hopefully help prevent this from happening to another child"

There was no immediate comment or statement released Monday by the school district.