Where should the Tri-Cities go on the failed Aquatic Center?  Other large public projects?  Regional Chamber of Commerce invites you to attend their luncheon.

Wednesday, March 26th at the Kennewick Red Lion Hotel,  the Tri-Cities Regional Chamber will tackle that topic, in a presentation entitled:  "Public Facilities District Projects - How Should the Tri-Cities Proceed?"

A variety of guest speakers will discuss past, present and future ideas for development and projects, and divulge ideas for potential development.  From the Chamber release:

Public Facilities Districts (PFDs) are municipal corporations created to oversee public projects and facilities. The Tri-Cities area includes four PFDs: Tri-Cities Public Facilities District, Kennewick Public Facilities District, Richland Public Facilities District, and Pasco Public Facilities District. At the luncheon, speakers will provide information about their respective PFD's, including which projects they are currently involved with. The luncheon will also serve as an arena to discuss future projects for the Tri-Cities area.

Registration and networking will take place from 11:30-noon, with the event to follow.  Most of you probably didn't know a lot about Public Facilities Districts until the vote late last summer on the Pasco Regional Aquatic Center, which was defeated, and stirred up a wide variety of opinions.  This is a great opportunity to find out what ideas are being considered for development in the region, and perhaps some insight on the future of the Aquatic Center.   Will the idea be returned to the voters for a 2nd. try?

This and other ideas for development will be discussed.   To RSVP and obtain more information, contact the Tri-Cities Regional Chamber at 509-736-0510.