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You Won’t Believe What the TSA Confiscated in 2011
We haven’t heard anything from the TSA about how many actual terrorist plots it prevented in 2011. In fact, we have no real report on how much safer it was to fly around the country in 2011 because of the efforts of our favorite, invasive security agency. What we do have, though, is a list of the ri…
TSA No Longer Able To View Your Birthday Suit
For most travelers it will come as welcome news--if you're intent on showing off your newly diet-remodled body, you're out of luck.  The TSA is now implementing new digital software that will eliminate the 'naked' image of  travelers being screened.
Seized Items From TSA Being Sold By Government
Don't try to bring a snowglobe on an airplane-the TSA will confiscate it as part of the 'no liquids' policy on airplanes. But will you see it again? Probably not. By the time you track it down, it will probably be the Government.