Can You Believe Detroit Thieves Are Now Using AK-47 Rifles?
Detroit Police are combing the city for leads and information trying to break up what is believed to be a ring of robbers who have hit gas stations lately. The group of men have hit 11 different stations in a two-week period and recently robbed six businesses in just one hour! The men are described …
Is Jimmy Hoffa Buried Under a Driveway in Michigan?
The search for Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamster union boss who was purportedly murdered by the Mafia in 1975, still flares up from time to time — even though Hoffa was declared legally dead, absent his body, in 1982. It seems that good ol’ Jimmy just doesn’t want …
Chrysler Workers Seen Drinking On The Job
Workers at a Chrysler plant in Michigan have been reportedly caught on video drinking and smoking during their lunch hour breaks,  just ten months after another expose caught workers at another plant doing the same near Detroit.