With the latest poll data showing Hermann Cain leading Obama 43-41 percent,  The President is embarking on another taxpayer-funded bus trip through politically sensitive areas in North Carolina and Virginia.

Apparently, the White House got so much flak over Obama's recent late summer swing through the Midwest in expensive armor-plated buses, that they called a press conference to insist his trip is about jobs, and pushing the presdent's billion dollar jobs program.  Obama claims his huge spending bill will support teachers, fire, police and other important infrastructure jobs, while Republicans and some Democrats are blocking it in Congress saying we cannot afford it.  The Senate this week will be tackling Obama's 35 billion proposal that will provide funding to aid teachers, firefighters and police.  Obama plans to visit Fredricksburg, next to the hometown district of Eric Cantor, the GOP Majority Leader...again, the White House denies any political overtones from this bus trip, and that particular visit.