As our economy slowly recovers there are signs that things are getting better. According to the latest research by The Housing Predictor an independent real estate market forecaster the Tri Cities is the number two real estate market in the state of Washington!

The real estate market remains stable in the Tri-Cities. The only other real estate market that is showing more signs of recovery is Mt Vernon.

Here is the current data from the Tri Cities Association Of Realtors. In August of 2012 there were 1432 homes available for sale. With 286 sold that means that we currently have a 4.9 month supply of homes.  The average sold price of homes in August of 2012 was $198,900. Compared to the  same time last year the Tri Cities had 1388 homes available with 257 sold with an average sold price of $203,400.

With interest rates still at record lows and as our economy continues to diversify the Tri Cities looks to have a very bright future when it comes to the real estate market.

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