A Pasco woman facing trial for alledgedly shoplifting claims she is a kleptomaniac.

31 year old Chartara Burts was detained March 4 after alledgedly stealing several items from the Pasco Wal-Mart.    She was arrested after store security stopped her, and told authorities she had already been permanently banned from the store. 

 Burts paid for a cellphone, but reportedly put several other unnamed items in her purse.  She told authorities she had the money, but has been diagnosed as a kleptomaniac.  According to medical authorities, kleptomania is an illness that is often related to or associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder.   From the Greek origin meaning to steal,  kleptomaniacs often steal without realizing it, but usually take items of little or no value, such as tape, paperclips or pens.  According to Wikipedia:

Kleptomania is distinguished from shoplifting or ordinary theft, as shoplifters and thieves generally steal for monetary value, or associated gains and usually display intent or premeditation, while kleptomaniacs are not necessarily contemplating the value of the items they steal or even the theft until they are compelled without motive.

The value of the items she alledgedly had in her purse was $51.90, according to store officials.  The trial date for Burts has been set for June 6th