Here is the latest news from the Associated Press and Newstalk 870.

Spokane Vets Protest Renaming Spokane Arena for Concert

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Some military veterans are upset at the temporary renaming of Spokane Veteran Memorial Arena to Bon Jovi Veterans Arena to promote an upcoming concert. Veteran William Hall and his wife Aregia waved an American flag outside the arena yesterday with a sign reading, "Spokane Arena insults veterans!" Arena General Manager Matt Gibson said the name change was intended to draw attention to the Oct. 6 concert

Labor Union Shuts Down Six Seattle Fast-Food Restaurants - Demand $15 an Hour for Workers!

SEATTLE (AP) — A labor walkout yesterday forced six fast-food restaurants in Seattle to close. KOMO reports a sign in a Burger King restaurant said it had to shut down because it was understaffed. Four Subways and a Taco Bell also closed. A group called Good Jobs Seattle says dozens of national fast food outlets in the city were targeted as part of a national campaign seeking pay of at least $15 an hour. The median hourly wage for food service workers is $9.50 an hour in the Seattle area.

New Deadly Virus Found in Oregon Wolf


SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says a wolf found dead May 19 in northeastern Oregon died from canine parvovirus. The department says it's the first case of the virus found in Oregon wolves. Wildlife agents are monitoring wolves for the disease. The Oregonian reports the young female gray wolf was part of the Wenaha pack in Wallowa County.

Fire Destroys Post Office in Oregon Town

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. (AP) — Fire has destroyed the post office in the Southern Oregon town of Cave Junction. The Grants Pass Daily Courier reports by the time the flames were out yesterday morning, only walls were standing. Mayor Carl Jacobson says it is a catastrophe for the town of 1,900 people. Jacobson says they are looking for a building to use as a temporary post office.