You may have seen this stunning video about the dangers of leaving a child locked in a vehicle.  If not,  be prepared to have an unforgettable 7 plus minutes seared into your mind forever.

A filmmaker named Issac Barker and Redcastle Productions assembled this Public Service Video, shot in Utah, entitled "One Decision."   It's a short, stand-alone film about what could happen when a child suffers from Vehicular Heat Stroke.

The movie chronicles a distracted mother who stops by a store for a few things, and accidentally leaves her daughter in the car, strapped in her car seat.   We won't give away any more details, but you have to watch this!    According to news sources, every ten days in America, a child dies from being left alone in a hot vehicle for even a few minutes.   Since 1998, some 575 have perished, 73% under the age of two!

15 have already died this year alone.  The purpose of the film, said Barker, was to call attention to parents and adults to make sure they NEVER leave a child alone, or unattended in any vehicle, even for a few moments.    The film is remarkable, especially considering everyone in it were not actors, nor was anyone paid.

This movie will forever make sure you never leave a child alone in a vehicle!  AND, no one was harmed in the making of this movie, it is a re-enactment of what could happen.  But definitely makes it's point!