Yay! For at least a few weeks, or months, we won't see our gas prices jump up.

Gov. Jay Inslee said there won't be any new gas tax, not for a while at least.   Legislators and the governor left for the holidays from Olympia without agreeing on any type of gas tax to support his transportation package.

Northwest Public Radio KPLU reports Inslee had wanted a transportation deal by the time the Apple Cup football game between WSU and UW arrived, but not even close.  Over a dozen negotiation sessions with GOP and Democratic leaders led to nothing.

Talks will resume in January.   Inslee claims the transportation package is needed for Washington's economy,  GOP leaders say it's not smart to be pushing new taxes in what will be an election year for many state legislators - referring to the 2014 November elections.

Inslee had originally floated the idea of a $.25 cent per gallon tax, then $.11 cents.