Thursday, the Washington State Department of Corrections announced a change in policy.

The state's 14,000 parolees will become like any other citizen when it comes to the passage of I-502, which legalized recreational marijuana use.  According to the Department's assistant secretary Annmarie Aylward,  by way of NW Cable News:

THC is the compound in marijuana that produces the high sought by users. The Corrections Department currently tests parolees' urine for traces of six types of drugs. But the test for THC will stop as of June 1.

"We don't want them held to that level when, as a citizen, you wouldn't be held to that level either," Aylward said.

"There's no way the department of corrections is endorsing the use of marijuana. We are simply aligning with state law," Aylward said.

The DOC insists it is not endorsing marijuana use, simply bringing the parolees in line with other citizens.   The DOC says it will still reserve the right, on a case-by-case basis, to refuse certain individuals to use marijuana, if the department or a judge believes it would interfere or be detrimental to the public for that person to use it.