Apparently some people in Yakima, and even Benton County, are a little confused.

According to our news partner KNDU-TV and KNDO in Yakima, some voters have called the county auditors, thinking their Presidential ballot is coming separately. Apparently some of them didn't look at BOTH sides of their paper, and missed the section where they vote for President!

Unfortunately for them, once a ballot is completed and dropped off or mailed, it's done.  You can't get a replacement.

So, county election officials are reminding voters to carefully scan the entire contents and make sure they vote for every item found.

Another concern heard in the region, and around the nation, is voter ballot security. There have been dozens of stories about largely Democratic-inflicted voter fraud, tampering and more.

If you're not sure about mailing in your ballot, drop off at the appropriate county auditors office, where the boxes are locked and are close enough to the offices that they are a secure area to drop off.