It's almost summer and time for swimsuits -- that's not good news for many of us. A recent study said the Tri-Cities is the ninth fattest region in the nation with almost one-third of residents qualifying as obese. If you're dreading summer, here are some tips to help you decide if you're just being self conscious or if it's time to really shed some pounds. If weight loss is in your future, let Big Bear inspire you.

1. You avoid having your picture taken at all costs.

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2. When required to provide a photo of yourself you submit old ones.

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3. When you bend over people ask if you're in the right profession.

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4. You've stopped worrying about how much fat is in your food.

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5. You don't feel sexy anymore.


6. You haven't felt like yourself in years.


7. Thin, happy people make you sick.


8. You just can't find a swimsuit you like.


9. You Don't Find Anything Funny About the "People of Walmart" Photo montages.

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10. You don't even know your real waist size.


Here's what to do:

Ideal Protein is a meal-replacement program that contains the highest-quality proteins and is low in carbohydrate and fat. Consuming carbohydrates promotes insulin production, thereby promoting fat storage.  For a balanced diet, consuming fats is important, but for weight loss, one must eliminate most fat from the diet. The Ideal Protein Protocol causes the body to delve into its energy reserves (stored fat) for its energy, thereby facilitating fat loss.

After approximately three days on the Ideal Protein Protocol, your body begins to burn stored fat cells for energy.  This results in your body producing ketones, which are a natural appetite suppressant.  You will then burn fat while nourishing your muscles with the high-quality protein in the Ideal Protein foods.  Participants of the Ideal Protein can expect to lose 3 – 7 pounds per week of fat.

On the Ideal Protein Protocol, each client is given a one-on-one coach to assist them through the journey.  They meet with their coach weekly and are given the resources to help them along the way.

If you are interested in learning more about Ideal Protein weight-loss program please use the information below to contact Arbor Healthcare for Women for details. You can also join them on Wednesday April 25 at 6:00 p.m. for a free open house.

Arbor Healthcare  For Women

900 Stevens Drive, Suite 203

Richland, WA


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