Grant County officials have not given up yet, but after a little over a month after a sizeable reward was put up for tips and information, no new credible leads in 8-year-old Moses Lake pipe bomb murders have surfaced.

According to our news partner KNDU-TV, Grant County officials did receive a number of tips about the two deaths, but the result was not what they were looking for. Kyle Foreman of the Sheriff's office says ATF and FBI officials did determine last month they believe the two bombs were made by the same person, but the new leads were not credible.

Newstalk870 reported December 16th the new $10,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the suspect or suspects was raised by the family of one of the victims, 69-year-old Bill Walker, his age at the time of his death. He and 53-year-old Javier Adame both died on the same day two hours apart in August 2008 when pipe bombs placed inside a battery charger and a police scanner exploded in their faces. Both men didn't know each other, but each found the items, which had been placed near their homes where they would clearly be seen and examined.

Both bombs were sophisticated, and had trigger devices which detonated when the devices were turned on. Walker's family hoped the new reward they raised personally would help lead to more tips.

The case remains one of the most shocking and mysterious murders in county history, as no suspects were ever identified enough to be questioned. Authorities, however, and the Walker and Adame families have not given up hope the perpetrator will be found.

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