Richland Schools will re open online this fall,  Kennewick says they will have an update tonight at their board meeting 5:30PM.

Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce listed the following item, the only item, on the District's agenda:

"School Reopening Planning Update"

We have no idea what will occur. Currently according to the last information posted on the KSD website, that three different plans were in play; online only, a mix of online and in class, and in-class education. The survey is now closed, however. But you can still view the different options.

Parents can join the meeting by clicking on the button below. It has the Zoom address as well as the credentials to log in, meeting slated to start at 5:30PM Tuesday (today) July 29.

PASCO has pushed off their decision til August 11, after last night's board meeting.

BTW, as of 9:20AM Wednesday, Richland had NOT posted this online criteria-program on their Facebook page yet

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