KateLynn Kenfield was found guilty on two charges, stemming from the November 2015 kidnapping of a 86-year-old Kennewick woman. She was abducted, stuffed in a trunk and driven to Wood Village, OR. She was able to escape from the truck with her dog, and call police. (Victim Hazel is pictured at left)

Hazel Abel was in the trunk for about six hours before escaping. Because Kenfield was 14 at the time of the abduction she was tried in juvenile court, but still found guilty of first-degree kidnapping and second-degree theft of a vehicle.

Her co-conspirators, 16-year-old Dyllan K. Martin and 17-year-old Billy J. Underwood, are being tried as adults. There was discussion during the drive to Oregon about possibly killing Abel and using her vehicle as a getaway car. They have not yet gone on trial.

Abel is the grandmother of Martin, and the teens had targeted her because of her car. She had previously given him money before. Abel didn't find out until after her ordeal was over that Martin and Underwood had considered burning her body inside of her car to destroy evidence.

Kenfield's sentencing is expected to come soon.