One man was killed and another seriously hurt when a man in a truck intentionally ran them over at their campsite near Hoquiam, Wa and then fled the scene. That 31 year old still unnamed man from Hoquiam was arrested Tuesday night according to news reports. The victims are now identified as 20-year-old Jimmy Smith-Kramer that died at the hospital and 19-year-old Harvey Anderson who survived and was released after being treated.

The story starts with the man in the truck spinning donuts in the campsite near the Humptulips River off Donkey Creek Road. The victims and others yelled at the man to stop and possibly one of the campers threw a rock at the truck, breaking a window causing the man to target the campers and run them over. He backed over both victims with his truck and them drove off.

Right after the accident, police released a statement trying to find the suspect looking for a "white male in his 30s with dark hair and driving a white late-1990s Chevrolet pickup". Both boys were members of the Quinault Indian Nation and they released a statement saying they have witnesses that say "The driver was screaming racial slurs and war whoops when he ran over the two tribal members,". Police say they don't have any evidence the attack was racially motivated, but the tribe stands by their story saying that "To say there’s no evidence — well, from our perspective, this is the sort of thing our young people just don’t make up,"

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