August 3, the Morrow County, OR Sheriff's Department responded to a reported break in at Barton Laser Leveling in Boardman, where the suspect stole an expensive radio and other equipment worth thousands of dollars.

After an investigation lasting over three weeks, Deputy Taylor Wasserman's investigation led him to, of all places, Fairview Illinois.  Wasserman learned from an individual who was in possession of the equipment that he didn't know they were stolen.

The items has been sold to him on eBay by 24-year-old Chalen James Ottmar of Hermiston. Wasserman obtained probable cause search warrants, and he and other Deputies found evidence linking Ottmar to the crime. The search of his home also turned up numerous other items Ottmar has allegedly stolen, and was selling on the website. The total value of his pilfered loot was over $20K.

He's now facing a wide variety of felony and related charges, and won't be leaving the Umatilla County jail anytime soon.  Even if you try to sell stolen goods out of state, sooner or later law enforcement will likely find you.

Because the crimes involved crossing state lines (interstate commerce) it's possible he could be facing Federal charges as well.

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