In sharp contrast to the paltry showing outside the McDonalds on Court St. in Pasco (six people),  nearly two-dozen protestors were arrested for disorderly conduct in Seattle Wednesday.

Orchestrated by the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) a series of minimum wage protests were staged across Washington state Wednesday.  Called "4-15-$15" by the front group that claimed to be staging them - Working Washington - the rallies drew several dozen people in Yakima, a few hundred in Spokane, and six in Pasco.

But in Seattle, several thousand people blocked the streets near 12th and Madison by Seattle University, and that's why they were arrested.  The protestors, many of them "marchers for hire" paid for by SEIU, refused to allow traffic to pass, and 21 were taken into custody.

Interestingly, very few of those arrested were actual "marchers" or real fast-food workers.  Six of them were members of the Seattle University faculty, including some adjunct professors, and several students. Also among the arrested were three local SEIU union leaders, and a pre-school teacher.

Parents who's children attend Seattle University might want to consider what is being done with their tuition dollars.

The Olympia-based Freedom Foundation laid out information this week showing these supposed fast-food wage protests and minimum wage rallies are actually a precursor to efforts by SEIU to unionize the $200-billion-dollar a year fast food industry.  Based upon the slogan Working Washington adopted for the rallies, it appears to be pretty accurate:

"$15 is just the beginning — Inequality ends with us"

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