The Scaregrounds officially opens tonight (Oct. 11), and we couldn't be more excited! The spooky season is upon us, and the Scaregrounds promises once again to be a must-do Halloween time event! But things change up every year at the Scaregrounds, so I've got a few pointers for this year's haunt!

1. It's one HUGE haunt!

  • Your challenge, if you choose to accept, is to see if you can make it ALL THE WAY THROUGH the 7200 square feet of INFECTED. Last year there were three smaller sized haunts, and this year there is one MASSIVE haunt! It will take you a while to get through, and some people may not even be able to make it out. There are exits along, the way, but I think you can do it... if you're BRAVE!

2. Go Thursdays

  • There's two great reasons to go on Thursdays: price and crowds. You can get a discount voucher for $5 off at Tri-Cities area Dickey's BBQ Pits! That's just $10 to get in to the haunt if you have your voucher! Plus, Thursdays usually have shorter lines, so you don't have to wait as long for that scare! Beat the lines and save dough Thursday nights!

3. Kids Days

  • The night time is the right time, for teens and adults. The little ones are going to have MUCH more fun (and less nightmares) if you bring them to Kid's Day! There are two Kid's Days on October 13th and Saturday, October 27th from 1pm to 4pm each day. The haunt is made more kid-friendly (we cover up the really freaky stuff) and no one is jumping out at them to freak em out. Instead they get CANDY! Get more details here!

4. Hit the Zombie Lounge and Booze Garden

  • If you're 21 and older you can chill at the Gaslight Zombie Lounge and Booze Garden. There will be assorted adult beverages on hand, and spooky fun in the lounge. You'll be served by the Pasco Eagles, who volunteer their time to help out and make your evening fun! So join us in the lounge and have a THRILLing time!

5. Dress Warm

  • Now, this may seem like a no-brainer, but it's getting chilly at night, and you'll be waiting in line for a bit outside. Now, the haunt area is covered, but it's still outside so it will be cold. When you're running from the Infected, you probably won't notice, but walking around you will. So bundle up!!

6. Zombie Paintball is a Must

  • In addition to the haunt, you can do Zombie Paintball with Red Dot Paintball. You get aboard the zombie "hay ride" and shoot zombies before they attack your vehicle! This is a separate charge than your admission, and there are some restrictions, click here to find out more!


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