A man accused of using Facebook to meet girls and then sexually assault them has a hefty bail set for him, and is facing an October 13th court appearance in Benton County.

According to prosecutors, Valentin A. Castrejon's bail was set that high because of allegations he made during an August jail phone call, in which he made references to how he wasn't going to do that much time, referring to the possibility that if convicted he could faced five to ten years in jail.  After being charged in two pending rape cases in Franklin County, he reportedly made a social media post in May indicating he was moving to Mexico.  Authorities set the bail high because he's considered a flight risk.

Castrejon is linked to at least four victims, between 12-14 years of age, and the investigation has moved into other counties around the area, and attracted Federal attention. He's been in the Benton County jail since August, once the victims and allegations came forward, and charges were filed.

He has an apparent long history of using social media to befriend girls, then try to lure them to his location to have sex. Police believe there are many more victims who have not yet come forward.