If we didn't have video evidence to show you, this idea might seem made-up, but it's not.  An activist who works with the anti-gun Brady Campaign says words can stop school shooters.

The Brady Campaign is an outgrowth of a group that was formed many years ago, following the shooting of James Brady, who was Reagan's White House Press Secretary. In the 1981 Reagan assassination attempt Brady was permanently disabled, after which he became a vigorous supporter of gun control. He died last August of natural causes.

During a recent segment of the public affairs show "Your Voice Your Vote" on KATU-TV Portland, a member of the Brady Campaign made the astounding claim that non-violent vocabulary training could be used to stop people who enter a school bent on shooting and killing people.

Courtesy of Laughing at Liberals, Michael Strickland and the website progressivestoday.com,  here's the clip. We are sure she means well, but try not to shake your head too hard as you hear this utopian theory.

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