The incident occurred Saturday night, May 15th, but just this week dashcam footage of what could have been an even more devastating crash was released by the Adams County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies and the Washington State Patrol were on the scene of a head-on crash near west Highway 26 and South Broadway in Othello.

Despite the flashers and other attention-getting devices in full operation during the crash investigation at the scene, another approaching vehicle did not stop or slow down. Instead, it collided with an Adams County Deputy patrol vehicle, nearly running over a Deputy.

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It then kept going and collided head-on with a vehicle with a family inside. But they weren't done. The vehicle spun, nearly hitting three other officers, then bounced off ANOTHER vehicle causing damage to two cars, including another Adams County Sheriff's rig.

The family was taken from the scene by ambulance, their condition not known. The driver of the wayward vehicle was taken into custody at the scene. It's not known if they were DUI.

Adams County Deputies and WSP troopers say the original two drivers in the head-on they responded to were both arrested for DUI.

There were several times when citizens and Officers could have been killed or seriously hurt in this incident. Drivers, again, are reminded about what can happen when you drink and get behind the wheel.

This video is from the dashcam of the first Adams County Unit that was hit, and it's Deputy Officer nearly struck. Then you can see the flash and smash as the errant driver hits the family vehicle head-on. (Adams County Sheriff's Department video).


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