According to official news releases and other sources, two alarms that sounded at the Plutonium Finishing Plant at Hanford have resulted in a lockdown for 350 workers, but no others affected.

The alarms apparently sounded around 7am when workers were removing a glove box from a highly contaminated area called the Plutonium Reclamation Facility at PFP. A glove box is a sealed container with built in protective arms and gloves that allow a worker to work with contaminated or dangerous materials.

When the glove box was being removed, an inside and outside alarm sounded. As of the latest word, the workers were still in a take cover mode.

Sources tell Newstalk870 there was possibly an alpha radiation release, but that cannot be confirmed. There are different types of radiation: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Neutron. Alpha is considered the most dangerous to receive internally.

No other information has been released as of this time, however, NO injuries were reported by Hanford officials.

The PDP is considered one of the most contaminated areas at the Hanford cleanup site.


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