A 37-year-old man and 36-year-old woman are in the Benton County jail on theft charges after an alert neighbor spotted them stealing the contents of a courier package.

Police were called to the 100 Block of North 1st. around  12:45 pm December 11th for a report of suspicious persons on a front porch. The witness saw Harley Davidson Rogers and Wendy R Gray of Kennewick tear open a courier package that was left on a porch.

They stuffed the contents in Roger's backpack and left. The witness got their description and called police, they were caught a short time later nearby.

The contents of the package was a board game that had been delivered earlier in the day. Both are in jail, and the package was returned to it's rightful owner.

Police remind citizens to utilize delivery notification services telling them when packages are expected to arrive, so they can try to be there when it happens. They're urged not to leave packages on their front or back porches unattended, as holiday thefts have risen dramatically.