New Tik Tok Challenge tells users how to boost certain car types (Google Play-Getty Images)
New Tik Tok Challenge tells users how to boost certain car types (Google Play-Getty Images)

As if we didn't have enough problems that can be traced back to misuse of social media, here comes the Kia Tik Tok Challenge for their lemming-brained followers.

   WSP and car dealers say thefts take a jump

According to the Washington State Patrol and reports from, a new viral Tik Tok challenge shows users how to jury-rig ignition systems in certain Kia and Hyundai models so they can be more easily stolen.

According to MyNorthwest:

" The challenge demonstrates how to hotwire and steal Kia models 2011 and newer, and Hyundai models from 2015 and newer, with a USB cable."

The Puget Sound Auto Theft Task Force (PSATTF) and the Washington State Patrol say there has been an uptick in the theft of Kia models recently, and it's been tied to this on-line threat.

Vehicles with a push button ignition are not at risk from this method, but those with key ignitions are. The PSATTF released this statement as well (Via MyNorthwest):

“The Puget Sound Auto Theft Task-Force is aware of the ‘Kia TikTok Challenge’ currently circulating media platforms, We are extremely concerned about the significant security risk of these vehicles and have seen a large increase in Kia thefts over the past few days because of the media coverage of this ‘challenge.'”

Authorities say some safety tips to help prevent theft or help track your car if it is stolen include installing alarms or hidden kill switches that can be operated remotely using GPS, or a steering lock device that can be easily attached and removed. These wheel locks make the car impossible to steer properly.

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The WSP says if you know of anyone participating in the Kia Tik Tok challenge, or witness any theft, you can send them tips. To reach the WSP for auto theft tips, click here. 

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