Now that Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee, she could become rich beyond her dreams.  Media outlets are salivating over the ratings they could see from potential interviews with the 25 year old..and would cough up millions to make it happen.

But what's the cost in human terms?  Because she has already spent three years in jail, the guilty verdicts on the counts of lying to police will probably wash.  There is a very good chance she will walk free and because she was not guilty, she can sell her story to the highest bidder. She will also face a life-long struggle to clear her name to the millions worldwide who still view her as a self-centered cold blooded killer, who murdered her daughter so she could live life as she wanted. Anthony also faces a monumental task in rebuilding relations with her family.  Her parents risked foreclosure on their home financially to help with her legal bills, and they stood by her only to watch her defense team drop bombshell allegations of physical and sexual abuse when she was growing up.

It may turn out the only ones who support her will be the well-wishers who sent money and other items to her in jail to support her defense effort. In the end, Casey Anthony may wind up a very wealthy woman, but will have only her (and the money) as everyone else shuns her because of this horrible tragedy.  Even if she walks free, one her initial challenges will be dealing with the defamation lawsuit filed by a woman who's name is remarkably close to the mysterious "Zanny" babysitter whom Anthony claimed took her daughter.  Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales was named by Anthony, even though the lawsuit says Gonzales never cared for Caylee.  Gonzalez has filed a defamation lawsuit against Anthony, and Casey was served court papers Tuesday night in jail.  Watch that report here: