The Jury has reached a verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial: Not guilty of manslaughter or murder in the death of her 2 year old daughter. Guilty on three counts of providing false information to a police officer.

At 11:15 am Pacific time, the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial returned three counts of guilty on providing false information to a police officer in her murder trial of her two year old daughter.  She was found not guilty of manslaughter or murder.  Her two year old daughter Caylee died in 2008 and was found in some nearby woods.  Anthony's defense team said she drowned in the family swimming pool, and her mother and grandparents tried to make it look like a homicide.  The prosecution hammered Anthony on alledged (now found guilty) lies she told authorities about her child's wherabouts.   Caylee disappeared in June 2008 and her body was found in the woods six months later.   The case captivated the attention of America, and had many hard hitting twists and turns in the investigation.