If you take Gov. Inslee and state officials at their word, you would be led to believe hospitals in our state are bulging at the seams, and have no room--especially in the Intensive Care wards. Inslee went as far as to 'ban' non-essential hospital surgeries due to this overcrowding.


As of January 25th, 2022 the Department of Health and Human Services Agency (Federal government) tracking data shows the following statistics for our hospitals.

First, there are 133 hospitals in Washington state.  HHS data for overall bed capability and capacity is based upon 92 reporting facilities. The ICU data comes from 94 who report. These include Kadlec, TRIOS, and Prosser Memorial. These 92-94 are considered the largest and most prominent treatment facilities in our state, especially when it comes to COVID.


From 92 reporting hospitals, out of 11,099 total beds, 9,377 are being used as of January 25th, or 84 percent.  Of those 9,377, 2400 are COVID-related, or 25 percent.

From 94 reporting hospitals, out of 1,212 beds listed as specific ICU, 932 are being utilized, which is 76 percent. Of those 932, 380 are listed as COVID-related, or 40 percent.

While these overall bed numbers are high, 84 percent for ALL beds, they are not over-capacity.  And when you consider the percentages of beds being used specifically for COVID-related persons, those numbers are lower than what Inslee and others are insinuating.

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Prosser Memorial, according to HHS, showed 14 of their 51 beds being used overall, ICU numbers for PM were listed as N/A on the site.  But 14 of 51 is 27.45 percent.

For TRIOS, 57 of 83 overall beds were used, and 20 of 24 ICU beds.

For Kadlec, those numbers were 228 of 330 total beds being used, and 33 of 36 ICU beds utilized.

And for Lourdes in Pasco, 15 of 25 total beds occupied, HHS says they have 6 ICU beds but no occupancy rate was listed.  It showed N/A.

No specific COVID numbers were listed for the individual hospital breakdowns in our region on the HHS site, but the overall state numbers listed previously do not match the picture being given by Inslee or other state officials.  Click on the button below to see the HHS site and you can navigate and search for yourself. 


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