You may recall this week, we reported on the WEA (Washington Education Association) releasing a resource guide for school districts on how to teach CRT and other 'controversial' subjects in the classroom.

WEA RESOURCE ENTITLED “Teaching Truth: Tips for Teachers in a Tumultuous Time.

It also offered "guidance" that included telling educators they do NOT have to respond to parental emails or other input when they object to what is being taught.

WEA ON PARENTAL EMAILS: "As an educator, you do not have to reply to these."

The resource also said teachers will not be "prosecuted" for any such teachings or conflicts that may occur. And, it also said if an educator feels "threatened" in any way by a parent they should report it to the district and Police (shades of the national DOJ reportedly setting up monitoring and possible prosecution for parents THEY think are out of hand).

We reached out to Kennewick, Richland and Pasco, and asked if they had received this resource. We also asked if any of it was being utilized in any way K-12.

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So far, the only response we have received is from Richland.  After some back and forth discussion and clarity, Ty Beaver, the Richland PIO, said basically the resource was not applicable in Richland, because no one is teaching Conservative Race Theory or CRT.  Now, the WEA says some elements of it may be modified or simplified for younger children. There may be 'elements' of CRT slipped into some classrooms around the state.

But this is the direct response we got, verbatim, from Mr. Beaver: (Via email)

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not taught in RSD schools and is not a K-12 curriculum."

That is true, it is not a specific, concrete K-12 program. As we said earlier, some elements may be included in some District classrooms, when deemed by the District to be appropriate for younger children. But according to his response, it is not a part of RSD classes.  We will take him as his word.

We have not received replies from KSD or PSD on this matter.

To read the entire shocking WEA Resource for yourself, click on the button below.

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