Perp steals auto lot trade-in (Royal City Police Department)
Perp steals auto lot trade-in (Royal City Police Department)

Royal City and Othello Police are searching for the truck pictured in this image, you'll never believe where it was stolen from.

Officer notices suspicious behavior, but can pursue fleeing suspect

Around 6 AM Wednesday morning in Royal City, Police Chief Rodriguez was on patrol noticed this guy and this truck, apparently going pump-to-pump at a local filling station.

The RCPD had received a call about the suspicious truck so the Chief went to check it out.

Obviously suspicious, the Officer asked for ID. The driver didn't have one but gave a name to the Patrolman. When he went back to his car to check it, the man sped off in the truck. According to the Royal City Police Department, here's why the Chief couldn't give chase:

"Chief Rodriguez could not continue pursuing the vehicle due to the recent Washington State House Bill which does not allow law enforcement to pursue vehicles unless it was for specific crimes."

However, he did contact the Othello Police Department, because the plate number and truck information came back with the most recent registered owner living there.


Stolen truck (RCPD)
Stolen truck (RCPD)

Turns out, the vehicle had been traded in Monday at BM Motors in Othello and was then stolen later that evening around 5 PM.

So, now the still-registered owner (dealership had not had time yet to transfer the title) finds out his trade-in on another vehicle is in the wind.

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Anyone who may know who this guy is or has information on this truck, call 509-762-1160.

Yet another example of how an officer could have probably nabbed a suspect, but could not because at the time the person was not specifically committing a visible crime. thanks, legislators!  (NOT!)

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