It was a historic day in the Columbia Basin Friday.

With help from partnerships with Cascade Natural Gas,  Franklin County,  The City of Pasco,  McCurley Integrity Dealerships and others,  Basin Disposal gave the public it's first look at the only compressed natural gas refueling station in Eastern Washingtonl; as well as it's fleet of garbage trucks outfitted to run on the fuel.

After looking at the instability of oil worldwide, the growing restrictions on diesel engines for commercial use, and the potential for saving money for their customers, BDI chose to invest in the compressed natural gas system.

In a few years,  the conversion of their entire fleet of vehicles will be complete.  Interestingly, while the U.S. has the vast majority of the natural gas reserves in the world, we have the fewest number of natural gas powered vehicles.

The commercial applications are numerous,  natural gas works very well for delivery, commercial hauling and waste collection systems.   Further research is close to developing powerful engines that will work well in long-distance hauling as well.

BDI has already seen thousands of dollars in savings, by having the fueling stations onsite, they don't have to drive miles to the traditional fueling station.

Hundreds of business owners, community leaders and politicians were on hand for the ribbon cutting.  As State Senator Mark Schoessler said in his remarks,  BDI is doing this "not because somebody told them to,"  but because they recognized the advantages of clean, independent, stable-priced energy, and savings to the community.

Basin Disposal
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