Boy how the times have changed, back in the 60's giving beer to a baby just was another day at the Anderson's. This picture was sent to Kevin, my boyfriend today and I couldn't help but laugh and realize how much the world has changed and no doubt for the better. Giving a child a splash of whiskey to help them sleep or smoking pack of cigarettes in the station wagon with all the windows up and the entire family in the car was just standard operating procedure.

This picture was taken back in 1967, it is a photo of Kevin when he was just a baby. It appeared to be just another photo of Kevin with his Grandmother Sheala. That is, until you flipped the photo over and read the caption on the back. It read "Just took his Oly away! He loves beer. Kevin & Grandma"

Looking closely at the picture after reading the caption I realized they truly had just taken his Olympia beer away! I couldn't resist sharing this with you all, but I definitely don't condone it....however I most certainly laughed, probably too much!

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