Ladies and gentlemen, meet Shockwave, the world's fastest jet-powered truck.

This behemoth weighs three tons and packs 36,000 horsepower. For those of you who aren't automobile enthusiasts, that's a whole lot of horsepower. Shockwave is a 1957 Chevy that's packing jets that help it cover a quarter mile in just six-and-a-half seconds. With this thing around, we wouldn't want to be a Decepticon.

Shockwave is owned and driven by Neal Darnell, who claims that the acceleration starts off at about 4 Gs, meaning that you'll be whipped backwards and feel the weight of pure awesomeness bearing down on your body as soon as Shockwave starts blasting off. The max that Shockwave can achieve is 6 Gs in just a few seconds, thanks to its jets. Afterwards, the chutes deploy and it goes to 9 Gs negative.

As of this writing, Shockwave has been around for 30 years and it looks like it will continue to speed off at 375 miles per hour for years to come. The video above gives us a look at the raw power that Shockwave packs at a show in Cayuga, Ontario, Canada. It's absolutely amazing to see all of the flames spew forth from Shockwave's many pipes and jets. It's almost as if something you'd see in a Transformers cartoon show.

Watch the footage of Shockwave in the video above and remember that Neal is a professional, so you probably shouldn't outfit your own car or truck with jets or rockets. Leave it up to the folks who are pros at making awesome stuff happen!

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