After Franklin County Commissioners passed a resolution re opening the county for business, and then 'pounced' on by Gov. Inslee Wednesday, Benton County has stayed quiet. Gov. Inslee in not so subtle fashion, mentioned using the Attorney General's office and the Washington State Patrol for enforcement purposes if necessary, and the Governor's office had sent a letter to Franklin County about the re-open.

Commissioners said they do not have the legal authority to do so.  There's still muddy water about exactly is going on with the WA State statute that apparently 'ends' emergency executive orders after 30 days when issued by the Governor.

Some say legislative leaders  signed off an extension, others say the Governor's emergency declaration powers give him the right to extend. Either way, the Benton County officials have decided not to test the waters.

Opposition has been rising against Inslee's Stay at Home order, especially after state officials have not given any clear, concise picture of when relaxing may occur, or when certain industries may be allowed to re-open or partially re-open. Many business and industry leaders claim all they see are delay after delay.

It will be interesting to see how Washington reacts with Oregon ending it's ban on non-emergency surgeries and medical procedures starting May 1st; an order that includes dental offices.

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