Much like the resolution approved unanimously in January by the Franklin County Commissioners, now the Benton County Commisioners have also approved a measure showing their formal disapproval of controversial anti-gun I-1639.

I-1639 was largely passed due to West side support, mainly in King and Snohomish Counties. It, among other things, raises gun ownership limits to 21 from 18 and a host of other restrictions. There is a movement to challenge it in court coming, on the basis that it violated state law by addressing multiple topics. One of the earlier car tab initiatives was ruled invalid by the State Supreme Court because it reportedly tried to accomplish 'two' purposes in stead of solely lowering vehicle tabs.

The Benton County Commissioners resolution acknowledges I-1639 was passed by voters but the County will officially support whatever actions are taken by Sheriff Jerry Hatcher, and the County does not approve of the initiative.

So, IF the Sheriff chooses to not enforce it, as some other county sheriff's have already vowed to do, the County says they would support whatever action he takes.

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