Assault Weapons Ban Set To Expire Monday
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Paul Allen, the owner of the Seahawks, and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer have each donated at least one million dollars towards Intiative-1639, which critics say is the latest in a series of efforts to enact gun control legislation in Washington state.

In addition to reclassifying many weapons, such as a .22 caliber rifle, as an assault weapon. It would also virtually eliminate potential ownership for individuals between 18-and 20 years of age. It would also impose an additional (at least) $25 'tax' concerning what the text calls 'transfer fees'.  These fees, say supporters, are necessary to implement additional back round checks and limitations.

Nick Hanauer is a venture capitalist who, along with Paul Allen, employ armed security teams for protection in certain circumstances. Hanauer has been behind several gun control measures over the last four years, including the ill-fated idea of having Sheriffs conduct home "inspections" to ensure that guns are properly stored in private homes. This idea quickly died in the legislature after word got out.

Currently, signature drives are going on with the hopes of getting at least 259,000 valid voters to sign, therefore putting in on the ballot this fall. A number of groups have formed together to oppose the measure.

It may be of interest to note that during their June board meeting (state level) the WEA, or our teachers union, voted to formally support what is being called the Gun Violence Protection initiative. Some citizens may not be happy the teacher's union is sticking it's nose into such sensitive political arenas.


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