Because the clock ran out, before decisions could be made or votes cast, two controversial (and some say un-Constitutional) gun control bills area dead.

Saved by the bell? (or saved from the bill?)

Q13Fox TV and other sources are reporting House Bill 2240 and Senate Bill 6294 both were hotly debated in both chambers, but Republican legislators and even a few Democrats were able to stave off votes, and deadlines passed before they could be voted on.  Some say they never would have made it though, because of a firestorm of input from citizens.

HB 2240 would have limited the number of rounds that could be held by a gun and SB 6294 would have required concealed carry permit holders to undergo mandatory "training" as well as other requirements. That "training" and additional requirements were never clearly laid out by the Democratic supporters of these bills. Hmmmm...

House Rep. Matt Boehnke, who represents the 8th Legislative District (Richland, Benton County) put on his Facebook Thursday morning "Victories in life. #Mighty8th", most likely in reference to the input and impact he and fellow House Rep Brad Klippert and Senator Sharon Brown from our region had on these important issues.



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