There are various units that are heading to California for 18 days, to help fight wildfires, and assist the desperate situation near Napa and other areas.

Benton County Fire Protection District #2, Kennewick, Richland, Franklin County and Walla Walla are among six units that will be part of what are called strike teams headed south. Part of the reason crews from our area are going is because of their expertise in dealing with brush and similar wildfires, not that different than what we get here regularly.

Each city or firefighting district is sending at least one engine, and crew to the Santa Rosa area. They will assist wherever needed. The last time Washington state sent such crews to CA was in 2007.

This underscores the dire situation they are facing, with windswept fires, dry conditions and deadly fires.  Our prayers to these crews for their safety.  Pictures provided by Benton County Fire Protection District #2, as the crews readied to leave Friday morning.


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