This is a project worthy of our support! You're invited to attend The Walla Walla Area Crime Watch Bicycle Auction on Tuesday, August 3rd. It's a silent auction from 8 am till 6 pm at 1st and Main in Walla Walla. Proceeds benefit the group's "Bike Project". Bicycles are fixed up and donated to needy children in the neighborhood.

Every child needs a bike! It's part of being a kid. Who didn't use a clothespin to attach a card to make that cool sound? As an adult, I still LOVE to ride my bike. It's awesome exercise. In fact, spinning in the winter at the gym is an activity I look forward to. Although, since the pandemic, I haven't been to a class in quite a while.

Bicycle in the gym
Arne Trautmann

If you know of any local gyms offering spinning sessions, please message me on the app below.

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So, getting a bike for you or for your children, the Walla Walla Crime Watch is hosting the silent auction on National Night Out, Tuesday, August 3rd. The bikes are USED bicycles and "AS IS". Bidding begins at 8 am and continues till 6 pm. The highest bidders must be available to pick up the bicycles at the end of the auction.

Biking is an activity I truly enjoy. I'm fortunate to live in an area where there are quite a few bike paths. My favorite is along the Columbia River in Richland. It's Riverfront Trail and is 7 miles of beauty!

Yan Lev

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